TFTT Reviews: Simple Loose Leaf Tea in Blue Lady Gray

Simple Loose Leaf Tea- Blue Lady Gray Review

$10 per month, variety sampler

What I recieved

Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Flavors, Lavender Flower

This is my first time using loose leaf tea and it certainly is a different feeling than just throwing bags in the pot. There’s something about measuring out the tea that adds a level of self-care and a touch of luxury. I didn’t notice a strong lavender scent, but it does have a strong plant/herbal scent that was pleasing.

Before I added my usual additions to hot tea, the taste was strong but smooth. It is clearly quality black tea with some strong plant-like taste. I’m not sure what lavender tastes like so that could have been what I was tasting. I was getting a taste of berry too which was surprising. I tend to do hot tea with almond milk and honey but thinking about trying monk fruit sugar.

So far, so good. There are three other bags I need to try so those reviews will be coming soon enough. You can also order tea individually from the site. There are other subscription boxes to fit your tea needs. I will probably stick with the variety until I discover my preferred tea base.


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