TTFT Lists: Up and Coming Brands I Want to Try

Mountain Meat Primal Co-
I just love the idea of a family ranch who wants to show off high-quality American bred meats. The efforts they go through to bring high-quality meats to the masses is amazing. There was so much to learn about the company which makes me want to try them more because I’m impressed. I want to try one of the sampler boxes they offer. There are a lot of options, but I have my eye on the Ultimate Griller’s Box. Ground Beef, Bratwurst, Hot Italian Sausage, Andouille Sausage, Ground Chorizo, Beef Hot Links and Beef Breakfast Sausage comes in the sampler box. So much variety and wouldn’t take long to cook. You could grill these or just cook them on the stove. Also very versatile and could be used in different meals.

Empire Jerky Co-
It is about time jerky had more flavors. There is no reason why spicy or teriyaki are the only options out there. This company is consistently working on new flavors and they are super friendly! There are some flavors that are being worked on that I won’t spill the beans on, but they’re definitely game-changers. The current flavor that I really want to try is the Mango Habanero. I think mango and spice go well together and it's nice to see it in more places.

I absolutely love eating and cooking deep-dish pizza, but it is a lot of work to make. I think it’s great you can order a high-quality deep-dish online. I don’t mind that I have to bake it. It would make a great girl’s night in or even a date night option that feels nicer than the usual. The heart-shaped ones are super cute so I would order that. The 2 pack is $75 which seems high, but you have to account that it is a much thicker pizza, plus shipping and packaging. You can choose which ones (cheese, spinach, sausage, pepperoni) you want in your order.

For Real Foods
I have never heard of coconut jerky but I really like the concept. Eating more plant-based is becoming more popular as it should be. I also just really enjoy coconut. At first, I thought it was just plain coconut but it comes in fun flavors like chili lime. There is nothing else that I have seen like it. I would definitely order that and the hot sauce they’re selling. I just think it’s a unique concept that a lot of eaters can get into.