Empire Jerky Hawaiian BBQ Review

                                                    Empire Jerky Hawaiian BBQ Review

Smell- This is exactly what I expected. I noticed the bbq first, then a strong pineapple scent with some spices. I want this bottled up so I can put it on wings

Texture- So much softer than I was expecting! I am truly shocked. A lot of packaged jerky tends to be dry and could rip out a tooth. There’s still chew but this is such a tender jerky.

Taste- I get the BBQ flavor first, then pineapple and some soy. There’s a medium-strength kick of spice which I think works so well with these flavors. I need them to come out with sauces or seasoning next. I hope they keep exploring sweet and savory options. I would definitely get this in the large bag. I finished it before I got was done typing this up. I already want more and thinking about opening another bag. What an excellent representation of what jerky should be.

I am so grateful that Empire Jerky reached out. They are the nicest company I have encountered in my blogging journey. I love supporting small businesses especially food ones. This is not sponsored. I am just giving back some of the generosity that this company has shown me.


  1. That sounds so yummy. I'm going to have to give them a try soon.


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