Foods Ya'll Leaving on the Shelves COVID-19

Today, I'm reacting to the items at the grocery store that apparently no one is buying. Let’s investigate.

Chickpea Pasta-
I am allergic to these so I’m out already. Not deathly but enough that I wouldn’t risk it, especially during this time. If that price is accurate, I wouldn’t pay that unless I had a dietary issue. Not surprised this is left.

Chocolate and Buffalo Hummus-
Allergy so I’m excused from this too. Although I think the dessert one really does not sound appealing. I’m familiar with the texture and I don’t want chocolate with that. Hummus isn’t smooth enough. Now the buffalo, might be too spicy? I do like buffalo chicken dip but there’s chicken involved which has its own flavor. Prices are good though.

Canned asparagus and artichokes-
This is a tough one. I love asparagus but it really is not pleasant canned. I can see throwing it in a soup or blending it into a dressing but that flavor is hard to ignore. Also, I think it is more expensive in that category. I could work with the artichokes I would just make dip if that was the only vegetable I could afford. Since it’s so moist I don’t think it would roast or fry well. I also think these aren’t super cheap either.

Dasani Water-
I want to say that I still have a case of Costco water I got weeks ago. So, I am doing a good thing by not buying water that I don’t need.  However, Dasani and Arrowhead water is the worst bottled water. Dasani is tap water! It has other ingredients added to it. Look up why it’s bad. If I run out of the water I’ll just use it from the fridge.

I wonder if this is regional because I did see some pork. I bought fully cooked carnitas. I would think at least bacon would be hard to find but now that I’m thinking about it, I did see it when I saw pork. Maybe it’s the price. I prefer cured pork like salami so fresh pork isn’t something I’m usually buying but I could certainly make it work.

Kidney Beans-
Again, allergy. But this one is surprising. Make chili! It’s a good bean for that. Or like hot dogs and beans. Why aren’t yall buying these? Is it a price issue? Mix it rice or something wow. 

Vegan Food-
I talk about this sometimes but I can’t have most beans or peas so I can’t digest a lot of the items. Soy comes from soybeans so I can’t do tofu in large amounts. I can have it in miso soup though. But yeah I think people who normally don’t buy these types of items aren’t going to in an emergency. They’re also not that cheap either. I think if the store puts these on sale, maybe more people will go for it.


  1. I think those make sense. I love hummus, but those flavors sound gross. If it was the only one of the shelf I'd buy the kidney beans, but I'm not much of a fan otherwise. I'm vegetarian and can't have regular pasta but chickpea pasta and vegan food is too pricey for me. I mostly stocked up on regular pantry staples.


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