Mail Order Desserts I Need Immediately

I love the idea of supporting small businesses and it has recently come to my attention there is a lot of food and desserts I can order and they’ll mail them. Since we are self-isolating and I might not ever be in the area where you can get these in person, there are some desserts I would splurge and order them for myself. Maybe I will share, or I could buy a backup fridge who knows.

Dockside Market Mini Tropical Cake Sampler
Key Lime, Cabana Banana, Key Largo Lemon, Island Rum, Honeybell Orange Zest, Calypso Coconut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Captains Chocolate Chip
I’ve said this before but citrus and tropical fruits are not represented enough in desserts. I have a banana allergy but I would definitely love to try this. I really like samplers, especially from more gourmet places. I respect the pricing but let me a sample before I go all in. I like the mini size as well. I’m not just going to buy a large cake and have no idea what to expect, especially just for one person. Although all of the prices look reasonable. I am also tempted by the rum cake sampler. I could see myself having a mini cake with some warm tea.

Sugaree’s Sampler Cake
One slice each of Caramel, strawberry, coconut, chocolate, red velvet, Italian cream, rainbow, and cream cheese pound cake.
If I wanted to order a nice cake for a special occasion, having options like this really make a difference. Maybe you live in a small town and don’t have a lot of access to bakeries. These slices look very thick and I would eat each one of them. Maybe be polite and cut a slice in half for my best friend but otherwise, I would love to just have samples of cake for me to taste. All of these sounds amazing. The strawberry and chocolate I would try first. I like that they did other flavors besides just vanilla. There are three layers in these slices that are new to me.

Cookie Do Choose Your Own 4 Sampler Set
My choices: DunkaDŌo – sugar cookie + vanilla icing + sprinkle dust + graham cookies, Chocolate dream – brownie batter + oreo cookies + chocolate chips, Brookie Dough – signature chocolate chip + brownie batter, swirled together, Fluffernutter – peanut butter + dark chocolate chips + marshmallow fluff

$50 for 4 8oz servings
If I had to choose between this and ice cream, I’m picking this instead. Sometimes I forget about it because it isn’t the most accessible but I truly can not turn it away. No, it isn’t the cheapest thing but way better than just eating raw dough from the tube. Especially now when it’s a base and other add-ins are involved. It’s a sundae you can eat without worrying about it melting. This is such a fun alternative to ice cream. This is what I would order first to treat myself. Eight oz per jar is a good value as well. The chocolate dream I’m cracking open first. I have strong feelings about brownies and brownie batter. That is the next thing I need from the dessert world. I want this dessert to keep growing so there will be more accessible.