New Cheesecake Factory Menu Options March 2020

Today I am talking about some new items I would be tempted by. Since there isn’t much advertising, I look on their site to know what's new.

Pineapple cheesecake between two layers of moist buttery pineapple upside-down cake.

Well, look at this here! This is a cool idea for a layered dessert. Cheesecake factory has excellent desserts, not just the top tier cheesecake. Their desserts, I will pay full price. This is probably like $9 but that will not stop me. Besides the quality, the portions are usually generous so I know I will be full of this slice. Pineapple is underused in the dessert world and pineapple upside-down cake is good as well. This is more cake than cheesecake but the layer of cheesecake does look thick.

Tender Pieces of Chicken Breast Charbroiled with Olive Oil, Garlic and Herbs. Served with Quinoa-Almond Pilaf and Fresh Vegetables.

I like that they are coming out with some healthier dishes that still look like large portions. I might need to ask for more sauce but this looks like a healthier dinner entrĂ©e. The pilaf is an interesting twist with the quinoa and almond. I feel like quinoa isn’t seen a lot in chain restaurants so that’s an interesting move. I don’t know if I would ever order something like this but I guess if I was there a lot I would. This is screaming hefty work lunch.

Raspberry Infused Tito’s Vodka, Agave, Fresh Lemon Sour and Prosecco.

This is what I want those hard seltzers to be. I want the bubbles to come from prosecco way more than just that seltzer stuff. It’s fresh, fruity and something I don’t see very often. I’m interested in how much raspberry flavor will be involved.