Simple Loose Tea Formosa Oolong Tea Review

Simple Loose Tea Formosa Oolong Tea Review

Caffeine: Low

Ingredients: Formosa Oolong

Smell: Pretty subtle. The most subtle of all of the options. It also looks like mulch

Taste: Basic. Just a step up from the plain tea bags you can get from the store. I had this in the morning and noticed a crash in energy about four hours in. If I have iced coffee or a more caffeinated tea, I don’t have that issue. I prefer tea either to be caffeinated or not at all, not sure about this low caffeine thing. Maybe if you want a light pick me up in the day time. This was tasty, just not nearly as interesting as the other options.

Now that I have had all of these, the black tea and the herbal ones were my favorite. I think I’m going to keep trying the variety box until I can narrow down which one would be best for me and just do that.