CBD Products I Want to Try

Lately, I have been thinking about trying CBD more seriously. I had a sampler pack of the liquid a couple years ago and remember it was somewhat calming. Especially during these times, I’m looking for things to help my body and nerves relax. These are just some of the few products I’m thinking about ordering.

Weller’s Variety Sparkling Water – 6 Pack 25MG per can
Tangerine, Black Cherry, Watermelon
I haven’t dipped too much in the sparkling water world because I’ll just buy those flavor packets if I want to add flavor to water. I have tried spindrift and I thought it had potential so I’m open to trying more. Especially if it has some CBD. I’m not sure what the right dosage is but I feel like if it was too much, maybe I could tell before I finish the can. I have some chronic pain issues so I doubt this would be too much. I would probably try the tangerine one first.

Diamond CBD Infused Honey 250 MG
I enjoy honey as a sweetener so why not add this to tea? I like that I can personalize how much I want since its in a jar. I could also see using this on a biscuit or really anything you would use honey for. I usually don’t pay this much for honey but I’ll pay for it if it’s infused. I also would get this rather than the sticks because they look obnoxious to open.

FAB-CBD CBD Chews 25MG per gummy
Gummies seem to be a very popular format for CBD. Which makes sense because vitamins can be gummies so why not. I don’t know how healthy that is but I wouldn’t mind having all my supplements in that format. I picked these because of the sugar on them. Also the variety of flavors involved. This would be a good way to find out how much I need throughout the day.