Empire Jerky Buffalo Beef Jerky Review

                                                  Empire Jerky Buffalo Beef Jerky Review

Smell- Hot sauce. More tabasco than anything else. I didn’t think buffalo right away

Texture- The driest by far. I prefer a softer chew but this is still better than the typical grocery store variety. There is more tug during the bite than I would pick myself. I really wish it was softer.

Taste- Taste like hot sauce. Reminds me of a better quality slim jim. Not as spicy as the mango habanero but there’s definitely lingering heat. The more I had, the more buffalo flavor I get. Buffalo isn’t my go-to for beef but this is done well. I’d buy the seasoning if that ever became a thing. Not my first choice, but that is more personal opinion. I have one more flavor to try and there I will rank them.


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