Empire Jerky Dragon's Breath Jerky and Final Ratings

                               Empire Jerky Dragon’s Breath Beef Jerky Review/Final Ratings

Smell: Not as aggressive as I thought! I get notes of teriyaki and some sort of hotter pepper. It smells spicy but I really was expecting my nose to start burning

Texture: Similar to the buffalo one. Drier than I would prefer. I’m team softer jerky.

Taste: The first bite of this, I knew I was not tough enough to finish the bag. It’s not terrible by any means. I just don’t enjoy this level of heat. I think it is a fun option for the intense spice hunters but I am not one of them. Points for having spice you can see on the meat though.

Final Rankings:
#1 Hawaiian BBQ- Absolutely love this. I’d buy a jumbo bag if it was an option. Love the balance of fruity and savory. This bag was done before I was done typing the review
#2 Mango Habanero- Excellent combination of sweet and spicy. Plus mango is one of my favorite fruits.
#3 Teriyaki- Improved version of a jerky go-to flavor. A reliable pick, just not my go to.
#4 Buffalo- The heat wasn’t unbearable but I don’t think I enjoy buffalo and beef together. Also too dry for me.
#5 Dragon’s Breath- Too hot for my preferences and too dry for what I like

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