Empire Jerky Teriyaki Jerky Review

                                                    Empire Jerky Teriyaki Jerky Review

Smell- The scent wasn’t as strong as the Hawaiian BBQ but it reminded me of a sweeter high-quality teriyaki sauce. I can imagine this on a nice piece of salmon for some reason it’s the first thing I thought of. I want this in a glaze.

Texture- There is more of chew in this flavor but nothing like the big-name brands in the stores that are getting stale.

Taste- Not as sweet as I was expecting but a quality teriyaki none the less. This flavor is consistent in the jerky world but this is a basic done right. This is the mild cousin of the Hawaiian BBQ. Strong flavor but not spicy. There is some black pepper flavor I’m getting but I don’t think this would be off-putting for most people. The salt level is perfect here. I really enjoyed this updated classic.

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