Three Alcoholic Drinks I want to Try

Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Rum Cream

I love sweeter drinks. Give me the colorful mixed drink, I’ll take them all. I am the one buying those cream-based liquors. I love pineapple mixed with alcohol. Pineapple cream in rum form is new to me and I would really enjoy trying this once I find it. The key lime one is also on my radar. Nothing pleases me more than rum I can have on the rocks without needing a mixer.

Rumchata Limon
Rumchata is my favorite alcohol of all time. If I could order a glass of it I would. Apparently, this was released earlier this year and is now my personal mission to find. This is all I need for the summer. Maybe add some coconut (alcohol-based or not) flavor but I could commit to this easily. It’s like lemon meringue pie in drink form. I also love citrus paired with vanilla or something sweet.

Ice Box Mudslide
A chocolate drink with alcohol? What else do I need besides maybe ice? Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors for drinks. An adult chocolate milk I can just buy? Sign me up. If I cant find the lemon rumchata I’m buying this because apparently its been out for a while now. I might need to do a whole investigation of ready to drink cocktails until I can go get cheap drinks with my best friend. If I go on a trip I want something like this already set up for drinking. Check out your local liquor store for more.


  1. Oh wow!! Ive never heard of any of these but would love to try them!!


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