Virus or No Virus- Healthy Foods I Just Can't Get Into

During this time, a lot of people are trying to eat well and more health publications are telling people the best foods to eat at this time. I enjoy a variety of vegetables and some fruit but there are just some things I can't get myself to eat, even though it has plenty of health benefits. I have learned to just eat more of healthy thing that I do enjoy instead of forcing something just because it’s healthy.

Quinoa- The most boring grain (seed technically). I know it’s a superfood but it's boring and it bums me out. First off, unless it's frozen or pre-cooked, you have to rinse. For the best taste, you’re supposed to toast it. That’s already more steps than I’m trying to do. It doesn’t matter what seasoning is on it, it just seems like it never tastes like anything. I much rather have rice, at least I know it’s there. I tried to replace oats (allergy) with quinoa and it just isn’t the same. I tend to eat low carb most days but I’d rather have a more fun carb for certain occasions.

Kombucha/Pre or Probiotic Drinks-
I have been trying these for a few months and I decided I’m just doing a supplement and calling it a day. I can no longer force myself to drink these. Fermented products are really good for your gut health but the taste is too bitter and strong for me. I want my drinks to be plain or on the sweeter side. It’s just a lot going on in a beverage. I found supplements with prebiotics which I enjoy much more because it’s gummy and sweet.

Greek Yogurt-
It’s too tart for me. I want my yogurt to be more neutral for smoothies. I know Greek yogurt has more protein and nutrients but I just can’t do it. The version’s with fruit has way too much sugar and it still has that tart flavor I can’t stand. Also, can we please stop saying it’s an alternative for sour cream? Sour cream is not tart like that! I don’t think sour cream is that terrible for you unless you’re eating it like pudding but still.