My Three Unpopular BBQ Opinions

It's grilling season and I have some complaints. These are three very unpopular BBQ opinions that cause debate when I bring them up. Tell me your thoughts as well!

Pulled Pork can go-
I am tired of pulled pork being talked about so highly. The texture is what I would imagine eating a mop would be like. Shredded meat is such a bummer, especially when it’s pork. It’s so dry. Soaking it in BBQ sauce is not enough. I would eat a grilled pork chop before eating pulled pork. The only food I want in strands is fries and pasta. Also, string cheese, that’s it. Pork isn’t the cheapest meat either. I just don’t get the hype.

Deviled Eggs should be a thing-
Can we get more side variety? Every BBQ place or event I’m at its either potato salad, pasta salad, or coleslaw. Deviled eggs are way better than both. It's less work to boil eggs, cut them and make a tasty filling than doing all the prep for potato salad. Also, all the salads are such a high risk. People have their own preferences with it. You can’t just eat anyone. It’s really hard to mess up deviled eggs.

More seafood-
I would really like to see more options. If I can get grilled seafood at a restaurant, why not in BBQ scenarios. I want more options than chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and maybe ribs depending on who’s house it is. A lot of people are open to other options besides animals. Grilled shrimp is so quick and easy. Maybe not every BBQ but everyone once in a while I’d like to see more seafood. Have more options for more diets.