Order or Ignore International Edition in Isolation #32

Sbarro Philippines Blue Cheese Chicken Stromboli
P 1.79
Blue Cheese does not get enough attention. I enjoy the funky flavor. I’m not sure what is in this but I just need to know. Is it a cheesy mix with chicken? Only blue cheese on top? Is there a spice or something else? The idea of blue cheese makes me interested enough to try it. It looks like there are other cheeses involved and it would be like a fancy hot pocket.

Chilis Philippines Triple Filets
Three oz filets on top of cheesy mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, topped with red chile butter. Served with roasted tomatillo hollandaise sauce and Colorado sauce.
Price Unknown
The condiments are the selling points here. I do not make efforts to go the American franchises because the food just isn’t great. There isn’t anything unique about the American options. All of the toppings sound great and could be used on different things. Flavored butter is almost always welcomed especially on meat. You get a boost of fat and even more flavor. I love a hollandaise sauce with extra flavor. I have no idea what Colorado sauce is but I do wish more steak options came with different sauces. Such an easy way to be different.

KFC Philippines Chipotle Meltz
Smoky chipotle mayonnaise sauce drizzled on KFC Original Recipe Chicken fillet, BBQ nachos, sliced tomatoes, and shredded mozzarella & cheddar; all folded into a tortilla wrap, toasted until its golden and crispy.
Price Unknown
I really just want to know if this is actual bbq sauce nachos layered on the chicken or just bbq flavored tortilla chips. Either way, a rare combination of chipotle and bbq that sparks my interest. The mayo sauce is enough for me to buy most things. This is a much more interesting crunchwrap in my opinion. I think this could do well in America, even if you took the chips out. This would also add some variety to the fried chicken sandwich wars.


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