Three Vegan Options McDonald's Needs

I’ve been seeing reports that vegan options are being explored in America. I am not vegan but I believe all large corporations in fast food can afford to have vegan options. It should be able to happen without franchises having to purchase expensive equipment. With meat shortages looming, more places need to start offering plant-based items. Here are three ideas I think McDonald’s needs to take into high consideration.

No more beef flavor in fries-
Why is a “splash” of beef flavor involved? That would be such an easy adjustment to make the fries more accessible. I had no idea that was a thing. Is there not some sort of alternative seasoning that can be used? Or offer an alternative baked fry or just a potato option in general.

Vegan nuggets-
There are a few ways McDonald's can go about this. Either use tofu or cauliflower as the “meat”. I don’t personally care for fake meat products but the ones that are supposed to be some sort of fried chicken aren’t the worst. Especially with the dipping sauces. I could see using one of the more popular vegan meats and using the same batter to fry them. I would push a little more for a vegetable one or maybe they could create their own blend. They need some sort of alternative meat to compete

Alternative milk-
All of their McCafĂ© items need to have an option of almond or oat milk. Offer as many options as the franchise can afford. Introduce the new rollout with adding a new flavor as well. They can do more than just caramel, vanilla, and mocha. Even Dunkin has almond milk. It is time to offer more options. Fast food breakfast isn’t doing well and it could be a potential boost for their sales.


  1. McDonalds need Vegan nuggets! I honestly thought that they would have brought them out long ago!


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