TTFT Lists: Three Vodka Brands I want to Try

These are a few brands of Vodka that I have seen online that I would like to try. I haven’t seen much or at all about any of these but they are now on my radar.

Devotion Vodka- Blood Orange
What really caught my eye is that the brand is gluten-free and sugar-free. There aren’t a lot of brands to my knowledge who promote both of those qualities without making it sound like a diet type thing. Nothing annoys me more than certain types of diet marketing, especially when it is aimed at women. I appreciate the marketing of this brand. I want to try the blood orange because I feel it's not represented enough in citrus items. Blood oranges are good! I’d buy fruit bowls more if it was a an option.

Van Gogh Vodka -Chocolate, Caramel, Expresso
I really like the artistic theme. I love art museums, exhibits, festivals, markets, wherever art is there to look at I'm ready to go. The bottles look so pretty and every flavor has its own artwork. I really think it’s a cool touch and it makes them stand out. I would get the chocolate and caramel first because I haven’t seen those flavors very often. If you know other brands that have those flavors let me know but I would really like to start making more of my own creations. Caramel and chocolate I really like in drinks and ice cream so I’m aggressively interested. I can see myself adding these to sodas that would be a really nice treat.

Boyd and Bair Craft Cocktail Pick 2- Iced Tea/Lemonade and Cranberry/Lime/Pomegranate
I find the idea of using potatoes for vodka interesting. I really like that this brand uses local ingredients. I had no idea using potatoes is harder work and adds a natural sweetness. I will be keeping my eyes open for more brands who use that method. I like the idea of an adult Arnold palmer! I also like the idea of more tart fruits being used in a mixed drink. Sometimes it’s nice to have the option. I could see this being a great addition to some sparkling juice or really just juice in general.