Black Food Brands to Check Out

Expand your horizons. Check these out.


B Cake NY

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Liquor Infused Cupcakes $60 for a dozen

My Picks- Chocolate Bailey’s and Redberry Ciroc

 This is the type of thing you can’t just find anywhere. Most local grocery stores sell a cake. They’re not selling spiked cupcakes made from scratch. I would buy these for a girl’s night or any sort of fun celebration. Definitely a bachelorette party.  This business is just black-owned, it’s also woman-owned as well. There are other options such as regular cakes (the designer ones are gorgeous!) jar cakes, cookies and push pops which I have never seen before but they’re cute! Also, in adult form. I just love the idea of baked goods enhanced with more adult flavors.


Hella Nuts

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Ground Walnut Meat $12

I have never heard of this before which is surprising to me. Soy-free meat alternatives should be more popular. I’ve discussed this before but one reason I don’t eat more plant-based is that I can’t have a lot of soy, plus I can't eat whole wheat and most beans. Pea protein is really blocking me from trying new things. I love that its pre-seasoned as well. Another black business that is also woman-owned, always great to see. They sell other items such as a plant-based yolk, faux cheese, and a few other items sprinkled in.


Fineapple Vegan

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Liquid Gold Cheese Sauce $12

Keep the black female-owned companies coming! This cheese sauce is coconut-based which is so generous to us who need to be careful about soy and beans. I am wary of faux cheese but this looks like something I would try. I do like coconut milk and cream so this wouldn’t be a hard transition. It also has nutritional yeast which I haven’t tried yet. I have no idea why it’s an interesting concept. All the pictures on the page look so good, especially the pasta. You can also buy clothes and accessories which is pretty cool as well.



  1. Now, I don't drink at all, but I wouldn't mind trying a cupcake with alcohol in it. I do love myself some cupcakes! And the ones you showed look so good!


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