World Cider Day- Three Hard Brands I Want to Try

In celebration of National Hard Cider Day, I want to spotlight three companies that I am on the hunt to try. I have the unpopular opinion that hard cider is way better than beer. I’m not buying beer unless its for a party. Hard cider has a better variety and flavors. Hard ciders need their own breweries.

Doc’s Cider
I want the pear cider! I have never seen that in stores. I really like hard cider but I love cider made from other fruits besides apples. Cider in general needs better promotion, especially with it being gluten-free. Since I am gluten sensitive, this is a much more enjoyable drink. Pear is not a flavor profile you don’t see a lot which is weird to me. Pear is a nice flavor. Maybe not the most interesting but a good change of pace. If I could get my hands on the limited edition Gold Rush made with rush apples, that would be great. I haven’t had that type of apple before. Companies that use the most local product are ones I want to support the most.

Black Apple Hard Cider
Another company that keeps it very local. The variety is even more expansive than I realized was an option. They have chocolate strawberry cider. It’s either one of the best drinks I’ll ever have in my life or one of the boldest choices ever. I would also like to try the pineapple and the strawberry. I have had blood orange cider before and that was great so I’m open to more fruit options.

Blake’s Hard Cider
The artwork alone on these cans are amazing. I like when brands step out the box with their labeling. Blake has the most flavor combinations and variety I’ve seen lately. There are light versions, a charity based, limited edition as well as the traditional cans they sell regularly. They have a mango habanero which for whatever reason I want to try. I have never had a spicy drink but I like mango with spices so I would take the risk and try this. I don’t know who else is offering spice in their ciders. The triple jam and the hard cherry ones I would also try. I am really looking forward to seeing hard cider keep growing.