Rumchata Limon Review

Rumchata Limon
Rum, Cream, Lemon, Vanilla
14% alcohol content
 ~$20 for 750ml

As soon as I took a sniff, I put the bottle down and asked google where I could find lemon meringue perfume. I’m very serious. I would love to smell like what the bottle smells like. The original Rumchata is my favorite alcoholic drink of all time. With ice, neat, I don’t care, just give it to me. It’s not represented in mixed drinks enough. This is good, but not at the level where the original is. I drink the original straight up as long as it’s chilled. This needs some more lemon flavor. I wanted it to be much stronger than it is presented. It needs a lemon liqueur or something. I’d buy it in a larger size but only if I’m willing to make a drink with it. 
4 out of 5 sips
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