Should You Try- Cactus Pear

While strolling through the international market, I found these. I couldn’t remember if I tried this or not, so I bought it. I enjoyed the flavor more than the texture. There were a lot of seeds. A lot! You think dealing with pomegranates is bad? This was much more annoying. The seeds are really hard so chewing isn’t an option. You can swallow them but, no thanks. The color is stunning. I don’t like the mush texture. Maybe mine were too ripe but I prefer regular pears, texture-wise. You buy this fruit to juice it. I just can’t imagine dealing with so many seeds. I would love to see cocktails with this. I would only buy this again if I was making it for a drink. It’s just too much work to eat alone.

Should You Try? Yes but for the flavor. Also, buy it on sale.