Should You Try- Lychee

How to eat- Peel soft skin off, eat around seed

Taste- A cross between subtle grapefruit and strawberry.

Texture- Just like a green grape

Should You Try- Please do! I know these don’t look like something you can actually eat but I was so pleased with the flavor. It’s such a nice change-up from the usual. I enjoyed the mix of citrus and berry all in one. The flesh is easy enough to eat and the seed is easy to avoid. I can struggle opening things sometimes but these were easy for me to peel. I found these at the international market which is one of my favorite places to go and I would like to visit more than I usually do. Lychee is something I will buy more frequently when I am near an international market.


  1. I rarely have lychee but I agree that it's unique and tastes like grapes!


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