TTFT Reacts- Disappearing Fast Food Items

Today, we are going to discuss a few items that are no longer going to be on the menu. This was a long list of things I forgot and didn't know existed. 


McDonald's Salads-

How upset are we about this? I forgot they even sold salads. Fast Food salads just don’t seem as healthy as the salads I make at home are. Plus, it’s boring. Its always Caesar, garden, maybe a southwestern situation. The lettuce isn’t even mixed greens or romaine! They need to phase these out and focus on overall quality and service.


McDonald's Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich-

I have never tried this. If I want a light chicken dish, I’ll make it at home. That is the main reason this is probably going. Especially when you can get those peppery McChickens for a dollar. I just never think to get a grilled sandwich. Especially chicken. This should have been gone.


Popeyes Mac N Cheese-

Since when was this an option?! This I’m actually mad about. I don’t think any fast food restaurant has a great mac n cheese. It’s always so runny. My go-to side at Popeyes is usually dirty rice. I’d like to find a good copycat for this but besides that, I hope they bring this back because I would like to try it. Also, the green beans aren’t great. If you’re going to cook vegetables with turkey, do a wing or a smoked neck.


KFC Potato Wedges-

Okay, so I do not like these at all. To be perfectly honest, none of their sides are great. However, the fries are REALLY not great. They taste like a hybrid checkers/arbys fries that went wrong. Not enough seasoning, not nearly crispy enough. This might be one of the worst fast-food decisions of 2020. The wedges had more flavor. This is probably the worst fry option in fast food.