Weller's CBD Black Cherry Drink Review

                                                               Weller CBD Drink

                                                                  Black Cherry

                                                                 25 MG per can

                                                               $3.99 at Wegmans

This tastes more like sparkling water with black cherry extract more than actual black cherry juice. If you are familiar with MCT oil, there is a bit of that flavor in the aftertaste. This has no sweetener but there is flavor. Not as much flavor as spindrift, but an obvious boost of cherry flavor. I started to notice a calming effect about an hour or so after I felt a level of calm. It lasted for a while actually. It is one of the most affordable sources of CBD I have found. Depending on your preference, this might need more flavor. I used a flavor packet in one. I enjoyed this I am open to trying more flavor. I think CBD needs to be more accessible and this is a good start.

4 out of 5 sips