3 Fruit Water Combinations I’ve Been Enjoying Lately


I am really trying to stay better hydrated. It is a weekly goal to drink at least 3 regular size bottles of water a day. But plain water gets boring, even the higher quality fiji water. I found water bottles with the fruit infuser attached. I primarily drink infused water 90% of the time now. The following are just a few combinations that help me hydrate more



3-4 coconut sticks from trader joes, ¼ lime wedge, 3-4 mint leaves



3-4 cubes of mango, ¼ wedge lime, 2-3 pieces of pineapple



1-2 slices of orange, 2-4 strawberries, stem off


If you’re going to let the fruit infuse for a long time, take the citrus out after 4 hours or so. Otherwise, it can get bitter quick.