August 2020 Favorites

Starting this month, I want to give you guys a few things that I absolutely loved and want to talk about a bit more.


Fried Deviled Eggs-

This is something I discovered on my Ocean City trip and I am on the hunt for them now. I already have been a long-time deviled egg fan. The basic ones are even good but I love them with extra things on top or some spice mixed in the filling. I don’t need them to be fried but there is an extra texture there that I really enjoy. My favorite egg preparations are deviled, poached, or a creamy and soft scramble. I really love the combination of eggs with crab, lobster, or smoked salmon.


Carr Valley Glacier Wildfire Blue Cheese

~4.99 found at trader joes

If you need someone to share a cheese plate with, I’m the one to call. I love cheese, like a lot. I am also not afraid to try a funky and unusual cheese. I enjoy blue cheese anyway but I was surprised to see spicy blue cheese. I don’t know how I haven’t come across this yet it makes perfect sense. You have blue cheese dressing with buffalo wings so why not blue cheese with spice. I keep kinda fancy snack cheese around and this will definitely be added to the selection. I really enjoyed this but for reference, I did not like the apricot cheese at trader joes.


Southern Tier Brewing Company White Chocolate Raspberry Imperial White Milk Stout (Blackwater Series)

~3.99 at Trader Joes


Y’all. I finally found a beer I can drink straight up. I have been anti beer for a long time but of course, a dessert based one is going to slowly bring me into the beer world. It’s not bitter at all and not sugary sweet either. It tastes like real fruit and chocolate. It’s also 10% alcohol which is a really nice bonus. This a new chapter in my alcohol life. Now I want to discover more milk stouts because apparently, that is my lane. Apparently, this will be around until September so I need to go buy more, preferably a case.