Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2020


Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle with Straw Lid


Sale Price- $32

I love a cute travel cup. Since I’m a cheap ass, I tend to just buy them at Homegoods or TJ Maxx. However, I am aware that I may need to invest in something more expensive so I can have super cold water more often. A lot of these cups just don’t do the job. I drink so much more water if it's cold. The color is really pretty as well so I might just have to buy this. Staying hydrated is so important and if this is going to help then I’m all for it.


Vahdam Teas the India Tea Carnival Set of 6 Loose Leaf Teas 


Sale Price- $22.90

I really enjoy loose tea. If you’re really into tea and can afford it, it’s a great investment. There is such a strong difference between loose and regular bagged. There is three different types of tea more than likely you can discover a new favorite. I am personally not aware of stores in person you can buy it so you kind of has to order online. This looks like a good deal as well so I would definitely pick this up.


Terrazzo & Marble Round Serving Board by Nordstrom

Sale Price $24.90


I would use this more as a trivet over a serving trap just based on shape alone. I love this blue marble color scheme. You don’t see colored marble a lot. It’s always some form of gray. Where are the light purple and light pink marble schemes? I also want to use this to put beauty products on this in my bathroom. I could see this being a wall d├ęcor piece too.




  1. I love your picks, especially the bottle and loose leaves!


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