OC Food Diary 2020 Part Two

Tuesday’s Lunch- Coastal Salt 16th street and Boardwalk


My Order: Fried Deviled Eggs-Flash fried, bacon, lump crab meat roasted tomato sauce $10

Passion Fruit Lemonade- Pink lemonade, passion fruit juice, hibiscus syrup, lemon-lime soda, garnished with a sugar rim $6

This was a completely unplanned lunch. There were tornado warnings, heavy rain, and wind so a lot of places took some time to be able to serve food. My best friend and I basically just walked down the boardwalk until something was open and we could just sit and relax for a bit. We sat outside and it feels really fancy. I knew before the menus came out it was going to be an expensive lunch but at that point, I just wanted to sit and eat. The drink was an interesting mocktail. I would have preferred more sweetness but it was a good drink and a nice change from just a regular lemonade. I think I would replace the syrup with a fruity one. I don’t have a lot of experience with herbal drinks unless its extra sleepy tea. I enjoyed the deviled eggs but the ones at Blacksmith were better. The tomato sauce wasn’t very strong and the bacon didn’t add the flavor enhancement that I wanted. These were cheaper and had bigger pieces of crab though. I tried some of my friends lobster mac appetizer, it was just okay. I wouldn't spend $17 on fancy kraft mac n cheese with lobster in it.


Wednesday and Thursday Morning- Shottis Point Café on the Boardwalk


My order- Mocha Latte and the Jump in the Fire Sandwich (egg, sausage, cheese, fried cherry peppers, fried onions, crispy shallots jalapeno mayo, Metallica sauce, Kaiser roll)

The latte had Fairlife chocolate milk which I really enjoyed. I don’t buy regular milk but if I'm going to its going to be Fairlife's chocolate milk. I’m surprised more places don’t do that. I would not order such a large size again. This may sound wild but I wouldn’t get the cream or sprinkles again either. It really didn’t add anything. The sandwich was really good but just way too spicy for 10am. If I bought this again I would take off the Metallica sauce, maybe the cherry peppers too. I love cheese, meat, and mayo any time of the day but when you add more than one spicy layer, it was too much for me. You need to really love heat for this. I would try one of their milder sandwiches or the bagels. They also have lunch food.


Shenanigans 309 Atlantic Avenue


My order- Crab dip $14. Crab legs, 2 clusters for $28

This was a great crab dip. Warm, well-seasoned, plenty of crab meat. The shell was a cute touch. This was gone off the table quickly. I do wish the bread was toasted. I want my dipper to be more study. It was a little annoying to eat with the soft bread. Crab legs were fresh and I appreciated the variety of tools they gave. There was also enough butter served which is so appreciated and underrated. The benches weren’t the most comfortable but that’s something I’m used to, eating on the boardwalk.