Ocean City Food Diary 2020 #1

Last week, I was out of town safely social distancing at the beach. I stayed with a friend and my dad was there as well. I wanted to share some of what I ate and some thoughts about my experiences.


Sunday Dinner- Ocean City Taphouse Bar and Grill, 4th street


My Order: The knarmax- beef patty, pepper jack, jalapenos, spicy mayo on brioche for $14. With fresh old bay chips.

Thoughts- A messy, but the delicious burger I’d order again. I love a spicy, saucy burger so this was a safe option for me. I did end up taking some of the lettuce off. It was one big piece and it got annoying to eat. I actually added some extra regular mayo to balance it out a bit and I really appreciated that option. One thing I noticed about a lot of outdoor seating at restaurants, especially on the boardwalk, the benches are pretty tightly packed. I tried one of my dad's parmesan truffle fries. They were fine, I wouldn’t pay to upgrade them though. The chips that come standard were better than I expected and they weren’t over seasoned.


Monday Lunch- Piezanos Pizza North


Order- 1 slice of pepperoni pizza, 8 buffalo wings

Thoughts- Nothing special. This was your typical beach slice of pizza. Tangy sauce, chewy crust, a bit of spice to the pepperoni.  I would try other places for pizza, especially for ~$4 a slice. The wings could have been spicier but I enjoyed them. This is a quick grab, nothing special to the beach.


Monday Dinner- Blacksmith in Berlin, MD


Order- Crispy Lump Crab Deviled Eggs with Lump Crab $13, Empanada with Slow Cooked Short Rib, Queso Fresco, House Salsa, Red Onion, and Crema $8.75. Mexican Coke

Thoughts- I loved everything about this place. The staff was super friendly, the back-patio area felt like I was at a fancy treehouse. String lights, plenty of greenery around. I have never had a Mexican coke before but it was great. I try not to drink soda much unless its with alcohol but this was great. You can definitely taste the difference with the cane sugar. The deviled eggs were seasoned well and there was a good amount of crab on each of the 4 (or 3, I think 4) pieces. I even enjoyed the dressed greens underneath. I love deviled eggs and order them at every restaurant I go to. I really love crab and egg dishes. I’m known for ordering eggs benedict on a crabcake. The empanada was my favorite though. Tender beef, lots of interesting spice and flavor, crema was great. I’d order two of these. I did not try the pickled veg, just not my thing. My only complaint was the vintage steel bowl it was served in. The tables aren’t that large, it was a very clunky presentation. My friend and dad both got the House burger and said the patty was so well seasoned and they really enjoyed it.