My Life in 20 questions Tag

Favorite Color? Blue. Especially your pastel shades

Lucky Number? 8. Just seems to come up a lot

Dream Job? This at a slightly larger scale. I wouldn’t mind being a personal shopper for kids stuff either its so cute

Where do you see yourself living on your own? I’d like to be close to a beach or gardens I can explore

Favorite way to travel? Being a passenger in a car or a nice train

What do you like to do in your free time? Most things involving food, reading, talking to certain people, hanging out, usual upper 20’s adult activities

Favorite clothing store? That’s a tough one. The last clothing item I bought came from American eagle I bought denim shorts

From what band would you like to attend a concert? Okay, this is hard because most of the bands I really like haven’t performed together in years. Let’s say…..Spitalfield.

favorite tea? Chocolate pur-eh

Do you collect something? Hand sanitizer apparently

I can’t sleep without… being warm under the blanket but the room cant be too hot

If you would get 1 million all for yourself, what would you do with it? Buy a house, a small vacation home, fully furnish both homes, and then just live off the rest. Save it for future events like a wedding and or kids in the future

favorite make-up brand? That’s too hard. The last makeup purchase I made though was the lip treatment sample collection from Sephora. Currently, trying the MILK makeup kush lip balm for day and the Laneige sleeping mask for night

favorite snack? Lately its either some sort of cheese and cured pork or popcorn with melted butter

favorite season? Fall for the weather because you have a lot of options but winter for d├ęcor and food

Do you sleep with your door closed or open? Closed

Why did you start blogging? I've always enjoyed food content and have been reading food blogs for years, especially cooking and review based. So after I started recovering from cancer I decided to go for it

Do you have a subscription to a magazine? I have a Scribd account. It has books, magazines, audiobooks

What did you do last night at 00:00? I was kinda watching first 48, texting, trying a new drink

favorite perfume? Fresh cream for a long time but I'm ready for something new. I have my eye on the clean reserve nectar. That might be a gift to me over the holidays when I can catch a sale. I’m currently wearing honey from Rue21. About to open the 24k coconut or something scent from victorias secret pink for my body spray option