Shein Wishlist- Kitchen Edition September 2020

Crown Shaped Opener- $4.00


No one ever knows where a bottle opener is at a socially distanced bbq. This is small enough to keep in my purse. You don’t see fun one like this out in stores. Usually, you have to get a whole wine opened with one attached. I’m not trying to carry that around. Do I need a new larger purse? Yes, but that’s not the point here. I think this is cute and portable which is why I want it.


6pcs Silicone Bottle Caps $2.00


I could use this for wine bottles that have the screw cap or hard cider bottles. I think this is a great thing to have around. You could probably use this on most bottles. I have not seen these at any of the stores I usually go to. I like the variety of colors that comes with this as well. Another socially distanced event item to have on hand. Or if you just need to cover your drink this is a good option.


1pc Wood Pattern Coaster $6.00


I love the smoke pattern around the wood. It’s giving a cozy cabin in the wood vibes. I also like that the coaster is clear and looks like real wood inside. I haven’t seen anything like this and I think it would be cool to have around. I prefer glass coasters over most materials because they tend to last longer. Plus, easier to clean.


  1. A crown shaped bottle opener is something I never knew I needed but now realize I must have just because lol

    Deandra |


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