Target Home Favorites September 2020

J.A. Henckels International 5-pc Cheese Knife Set


$24.95 on sale

I want to get more serious about cheese plates. Not just for a snack either. I need to find a good cheese shop in my area. I really enjoy finding unique cheeses so I need some sort of cheese knife situation. I don’t have any for some reason. I need a set before the holidays. Where I am it is safe to be in small groups. Different cheeses need different knives. I am familiar with this brand so I would spend the money. I’ve dated chefs and have chefs in my family so I know this is a good brand. I trust that these will be sharp and will last for a while.


Milk and Cookies Stonewear Set



I want to buy this for all my friends who have kids. I just think this is so cute and not overly cartoon-like. I just really enjoy the aesthetics of this. I don’t have kids (open to it in the future) but I also like this just as a holiday décor piece. This is just so cozy but modern at the same time. I like holiday décor that can make sense in a lot of situations and can be timeless. I really don’t enjoy the older cartoon Santa stuff. Just that super old fashioned look doesn’t vibe with me for some reason.


Ayesha Curry™ Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Can


$14.99, three color options

Honestly, I just need something like this because I’m tired of carrying the pan (I usually roast bacon on a slotted pan) to the trash. I would cook with bacon grease more often if I had something like this. I do need to see how long it lasts safely. There’s something very old school at your grandmothers' about this that I really like. I would get the brown or red.