Discontinued Restaurant Meals I’m Still Upset About

Burger King- Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger

This was my “after sport”s meal. This, onion rings, a large drink, and a Hershey pie every other time. Burger Kings’ was way more prevalent over 10 years ago. I feel like sourdough falls under the radar, same as pretzel bread. I have not been to burger king since. It’s petty but I really loved that burger. The second best was that spicy burger but they don’t have that anymore either. I am curious about the crispy chicken sandwich with bacon though. Another reason I haven’t been back being the fries aren’t great. I have to be in the mood for onion rings. I would go back just give me that burger back. Every fast-food the place needs a sourdough option. They also need a spicy option.



Taco Bell’s Bacon Club Chalupa

The chalupa shell is one of the best items fast food has produced. I love the fried, chewy texture of the shell. I think what really got me was the avocado ranch sauce because their chicken isn’t that great. Maybe it was years ago but I wouldn’t get any chicken from them today. A fun sauce increases my chances of trying something new. Especially something that is creamy and or spicy. They could easily bring this back; they already took at least ten options off the menu.



Pizza Hut Triple Decker Pizza-

Pizza Hut needs to stop playing and bring this back. Every three months, they need to bring something back from the ’90s or ’80s. There is nothing new and interesting on that menu. Deals are great but most places have a sale. I loved this pizza because there was always some left and there is so much cheese. It is an excellent vehicle for delivering cheese. I think pizza hut’s pizza, in general, is good, its just kinda basic. No other places are selling anything like this. I’ll pay at least twenty if I have to. If I’m getting takeout, I want something I cant to make at home reasonably.