Food Advent Calanders I’d Like to see

CBD/Medical Marijuana
– If one of the other, if not both were available in sample sizes, it could be a great way for people to experiment more. I would make it a Holiday Wellness Edible Box and a more fun festive dessert based one. The healthier one would have infused food snacks, water, juices, honey, jams, crackers, etc. Just things that would be a great boost for day or night. The dessert one would be filled with different options for a variety of diets.

This may seem boring but hear me out, how often are you buying new seasonings? Especially if they are on the pricier side. I would create a box of more expensive seasonings but sample size. There is a lot of harder to find seasonings that I would like to try smaller sizes like saffron. I could also see putting some condiments like harrisa or something similar. A lot of people still are trying to isolate so this could be a fun way to explore new flavors.

Put this in the fridge if you have to. I do not see enough of these boards. I want to try more exotic meats and cheeses. I would create a vegan one, a low carb one, and an updated classic. I’m aware cheese ones exist but it is rarely more than different types of cheddar and brie. I would even spend money on a luxury one because I love cured pork and cheeses that much.