Foods I’m taking a break from

Sometimes you find yourself in food ruts. As for someone who really enjoys all things food-related, this is a common issue for me. This is always a safe space. I would be curious to know what foods you are tired of as well. Especially during a pandemic where you probably aren’t buying super unique food items.


Most preparations of chicken-

If it's not fried or Peruvian style (roasted with Peruvian seasonings and the green and white (or yellow sauce) that comes with, I am not interested. Since recovering from chemo a few years ago, I either really enjoy chicken or I just want it fried. When the quarantine was more serious in the spring, I would just buy whatever I could find. I went through a two-month phase where I was trying to create different marinades to keep things interesting. I haven’t done that since July. However, I could eat fried chicken frequently but I try not to. I do wish grocery stores sold more rotisserie chicken options, especially different flavors. Now if someone prepared chicken for me, I would eat it because hello, free food.



A couple months ago I started buying more fruit for water because I tend to not just eat a bowl of fruit unless dip is involved. Grapefruit is pretty cheap so I was trying to use it more frequently. It’s just not sweet enough. I can do lemon and lime water but grapefruit is just too tart. I only want it with sugar so I’m not buying it anymore. I would rather have something sweet being more satisfying.


Alternative sugars-

I’m tired. I have tried coconut, stevia, Splenda, and monk fruit sugar.  None of them work for me. Stevia is the worst. That bitter aftertaste is a lot for me. I also realized that the only time I really need sugar is for baking and tea. For tea, I will just use less sugar or get cane sugar which I really like, or agave nectar. I know they aren’t much healthier than the white sugar, but I would rather have less “normal sugar” then the alternatives. Also, alternative sugars are expensive. This is just a health trend that isn’t for me. I’ll put more spinach in my smoothies or something.