Order or Ignore International Edition #35

McDonald's Singapore Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken

Price Unknown


I love a brunch related sandwich. I would much rather have scrambled eggs than those dry egg disks fast food places use. I can’t tell what that sauce is but I would get this ASAP. There are crispy chicken and cheese as well. Let people have the option to pay extra for real eggs. More brunch options from fast food places, please.

Subway France Quattro cheese creamy chicken with porcini sauce

Price Unknown


This reminds me of the chicken carbonara sandwich from Quiznos. All these needs are some bacon. I like the different sauces. I like getting takeout I cant reasonably make at home. I’m not making a cream sauce for a sandwich but I would buy it. I love hot sandwiches and I wish I lived near more delis.


Marks & Spencer Chip Shop Scraps



I’m not frying my own snacks. I get the idea; I love fried food and I get people enjoying batter crumbs. If this was already prepared, maybe? But having to cook them took me off guard. Now fried meat skin or fat? Absolutely. But this is a miss for me, although amusing. Although if someone gave them to me for free I’d try it.