Southern Living 1997 Annual Recipes Favorites


I recently have been gifted some very vintage looking cooking books. As a fan of most things’ food-related and books, I wanted to see if there was anything that I would make in this decade. I really enjoy looking at vintage food and recipes. Today, I want to discuss three items that stood out to me that I will make and add to my personal collection

Spiked Strawberries-

Why is this still not a thing? This would be so much easier and to be honest, tastier than jello shots. Even if I bought them organic it would still be much better overall. Jello is really overrated, berries are always tasty. I would do grapes as well, maybe try some pineapple. Think of all the options you could do. Different types of alcohol, maybe throw in an herb if you want to class it up.


Green Rice Timbales-

Picture Source

This sounds like a spin-off of risotto but in cake form. I like the idea of a rice-based souffle. Rice doesn’t get to be anything interesting besides a side dish so this was interesting to see. I feel like rice gets overlooked, especially for nicer occasions. Although really, I feel like this is something I’d prep regardless. I tend to be low carb but this would be a nice change of pace. You could probably try different cheeses as well, maybe even a sauce.


Catfish Lafitte 

Catfish is usually not the fish that gets other treatments besides fried. I enjoy a fried fish plate but I can’t think of any other time that catfish wasn’t fried or in nugget form. I like seafood topped with more seafood because I’m a fan and I’m greedy. I definitely want to make this catfish is affordable and I can usually find shrimp on sale. I wouldn’t leave the shells on though. I also would either use prosciutto or bacon instead of ham, mainly because I just don’t keep ham around like that.