29 Food Opinions/Facts for my 29th birthday


I’m 29! Instead of the usual things I've learned in life so far, I decided to do something way less serious and personally more interesting to me

  • 1. If I had access to unlimited seafood, I could abandon all other meats
  • 2. I don’t like chocolate chips in cookies. However I really like those dark fudge cookies and can handle chips in those
  • 3.      I can't stand crunchy green beans
  • 4.     Cheesecake Factory slices at the grocery store are not in the same hemisphere as the ones at the restaurant
  • 5.      I don’t like old bay
  • 6.       Brazilian Steakhouses are my favorite restaurant chains
  • 7.       Ribeye is my favorite cut of steak
  • 8.       I don’t eat sweet potatoes in any form
  • 9.       I could eat salad at least 3x a week
  • 10.   Chocolate muffins are the only ones I acknowledge
  • 11.   Celery adds no flavor
  • 12.   I don't think pepper adds much
  • 13.   I can't eat bananas 
  • 14.   My perfect milkshake is chocolate with Oreos, salted caramel and whipped cream on top
  • 15.   Cashew milk is better than almond
  • 16.   Buttercream frosting or nothing at all
  • 17.   Chocolate cocktails/drinks are my favorite type.
  • 18.   I like fancy water with electrolytes or that Fiji one
  • 19.   Eventually, I want to only buy grass-fed butter
  • 20.   Cream gravy over brown
  • 21.   I don’t like drumsticks
  • 22.   Peruvian chicken and sauces aren’t prevalent enough
  • 23.   Crab cakes are underrated
  • 24.   I’ve never had beets
  • 25.   I can't stand yogurt
  • 26.   Shoestring fries are my favorite
  • 27.   If the pork isn’t fatty I don’t want it. Keep that tenderloin away from me
  • 28.   Cookie dough and brownies are my favorite mix ins
  • 29.   I really don’t care about eating sprinkles


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