Don't Order these Meals- TFTT Reacts

Some of these meals are just ridiculous. Ignore the calorie counts, some of these meals will be discontinued sooner than later. This is just a light roasting of meals you might encounter from restaurants this season.


Chili's: Honey-Chipotle Crispers & Waffles

You are not going to tell me that, that small skewer in that slider is going to hold it well. The sandwich is way too wide for that. This looks so annoying to eat. The crispers are excellent when cooked well and a mushy disaster if they aren’t. It’s not worth the risk. The waffle looks too thick and I don’t know what that small sliver of jalapeno is supposed to do. Whatever that white drizzle is, needs to be the sauce served with this. The serving of fries doesn’t make sense to me either. Actually, this slider would be more interesting if this was one a waffle fry.


IHOP: Country Fried Steak with Fried Eggs, Sausage Gravy, and Hash Browns

Y’all. This just isn’t worth the money. In my younger high school years, I was dragged to an IHOP somewhat regularly to my highest level of displeasure. I’ve always liked to cook so going out to breakfast was never my favorite unless it's brunch. The steak is hard to determine. Gravy is good though just get the biscuits and gravy. If you want steak, get an actual steak. This meal is definitely not cheat- meal worthy. I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t lose their mine over hash browns as well. Also to annoy the IHOP fans more, the pancakes are too thick and have too much buttermilk. Bisquick is much better. Or those pancakes that come in sets of 12 in the freezer section.


Red Lobster: Admiral's Feast

Another meal that I personally have had that is not worth your treat meal. When you have this much food all deep-fried, it starts to blend in. All of the seafood involved has its own flavor and texture alone, but all of it fried, it's not ideal. I think two fried options plus a side or two would be much better. Maybe add some more dip options because I can't imagine eating all of that with just ketchup. This is maybe something to order for the table.