TFTT Reacts- Worst Thanksgiving Sides

From this list, I’m going to tell you some things to ignore and make/buy anyway, and some that you really should stop forcing people to politely eat while wondering why they’re friends with you.



Stop it right now:

Boiled Vegetables

These shouldn’t be served period unless your guest list is children under three, and three is pushing it. Or if everyone is recovering from oral surgery. The worst preparation of all time! Steamed would be better. It’s the holidays just roast something. Or buy it. Boiling takes flavor and texture.


Sweet Potato Casserole-

Sorry ya’ll, I agree. Way too much sugar for a side dish. I’d rather have pie. I have never tried this but it is just so unappealing to me. Why isn’t this just put in a flaky crust? I skip all the sweet potato sides. I also rarely like sweet and savory.


Wet Stuffing-

I really don’t care for bread stuffing. It always tastes like someone didn’t mix it enough. Especially when it comes out of the turkey it's soggy. The store-brand always has a strong herb flavor I don’t care for. People need to get hip to cornbread dressing with sausage. Much more interesting and tastier. It doesn’t compete with the turkey. Stuffing is a waste of time. Just make another side.


Ignore the list and make/buy it:

Creamed Onions-
This is news to me. I have never heard of this but I think it could be a good topper. Certainly not alone that’s a lot but as an alternative to cranberry sauce, could be interesting. I love stuff with cream so I’m interested. I can see this with mashed potatoes or on top of the turkey to add moisture.


Macaroni and Cheese-
This writer is a hater. Mac n cheese is appropriate for every holiday or special occasion meal. It is not a holiday without it. This is one of the most important sides, more than mashed potatoes. What are yall eating on holidays, green beans only? Probably with no meat cooked with them either, the audacity.


Most holiday events I've hosted or been to has more than one meat. Turkey isn’t enough. Holiday dinners are buffets I want more options. Plus turkey is kinda whatever anyway. Unless it’s fried. Why don’t places sell more fried turkey? It’s amazing.


Creamed Spinach-
I have never had this at thanksgiving but now I want to. I love creamed spinach. I would like to eat it way more often, I’m buying the ingredients when I go grocery shopping again. This is an easier fancy side to make. I say go for it.