Wine Wish List from Drizzly

Drizzly is a new to me site that you can apparently order alcohol from! I have no idea where I have been but this is an excellent resource. Today, I want to discuss wines someone should buy for my birthday


Ruby Red Grapefruit Rose

$9.44 for a 750ml bottle

Since when did grapefruit come into the wine game? I like seeing different fruits incorporated into alcoholic beverages. Rose can be hit or miss for me but grapefruit sounds like a plus. The price is right, I'm not ready to explore wines over $30. I probably could spend so much time trying and reviewing wines under that price range. Maybe I will one day.


Red Guitar Sangria

$6.29 for 750ml

Sangria is one of my favorite drinks of all time. I like the mix of wine and alcohol, plus extra fruit. You can always make it different every time and it's always good. Getting in a bottle is just even more convenient for me. I can’t try this it’s a good price too. This is a new to me brand but I’m down to try most things. 14%ABV is nice to see as well.


St. Michaels Gollywobbler Peach

$13.95 750ml

This is my favorite local-based wine brand. The blackberry one is my favorite wine of all time, even more than red Moscato. I haven’t seen this peach one yet but it is now #1 on my list to buy. White wine usually isn’t my go-to but I really enjoy peach in wine. I would try every wine from this brand. I also really want to go to the winery. Really, a winery period but particularly this one.