Anti Haul- Holiday Foods I’m not buying

Holiday Themed Candy-

There are two main reasons why I don’t buy these for myself and why I’m not buying them for anyone else. One, I just don’t enjoy mainstream candy. I’ve never had a strong interest and it hasn’t improved with age. I can't stand the taste of cheap chocolate. The only chocolate bar I tried and ate maybe half of was a dark chocolate pistachio bar from Lidl. I’m more of a chocolate ice cream or fresh fudge person. Second, I just think making it in a different shape is boring. It’s always a tree or a candy cane. I don’t think its special enough for a gift but I understand why it exists.


Anything sugar cookie flavored-

I have been fooled twice and refuse to be fooled a third time. It’s just not enough vanilla and added sugar. The frosted sugar cookie creamer is pretty bland. Just a step up from regular vanilla. I also tried sugar cookie tea from whole foods and that is fine but you have to let it brew for a long time to get the flavor. This flavor needs improvement or maybe we can make white chocolate a holiday flavor


Christmas tree-shaped butter-

This is one of the worst holiday food scams. It’s less butter than just buying the normal sticks. The shape won't last long unless you like hard butter. The only time I would want hard butter is for biscuits but why would I buy it in a weird shape? It would make more sense to have softened butter put into a mold. It’s also pricey, I'd rather buy that fancy Irish butter.