Grocery Haul December 12, 2020

I enjoy watching grocery hauls from YouTubers that I watch so I thought I would do that in blog form. Sometimes you need some inspiration. I will also mention some meal ideas as well.


Food that went bad-

Bagged Salad (I really have to buy the lettuce in the container no matter what)

1 lemon and 1 lime (I bought a bag of mixed citrus, sometimes I finish it, sometimes I don’t)


Groceries I need to finish up:

Leftover zucchini


Small amount of Mozzarella cheese

Frozen Spinach

Two slices of sourdough (one bread that doesn’t upset my stomach)

A whole bag of chips

1 pint of ice cream


Korean beef rice meal from Trader Joe’s


Store one: Lidl

What I bought:

2 pieces of salmon (marked down 30% off), 2 packs of cream cheese, 2 servings of pomegranate seeds (marked down 30% off), Coppa, Salad, Bread Cheese, Lobster Mac n Cheese, Popcorn, Pasta Roni, Truffle Mac N Cheese, Pesto Mac N Cheese, Water Crackers, Broccoli, Bacon, Rice, Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto and Avocados.

I usually don’t buy so much pasta but I think it's good to have on those days where you don’t want to be creative and or put in a lot of effort. I buy cured meat and cheese often for snacks and popcorn. That pasta Roni is my favorite flavor.

Total Spent: $57.40


Store Two: Trader Joes

What I bought:

Brazilian Cheese Bread, Cheese Enchiladas, Chicken Enchiladas, Frozen Mango, Pork Belly, Zhoug Sauce, Tahini Sauce, Chamomile Tea, Smoked Salmon, Whole Bean Coffee, Orange Chicken

Most of these things are new to me except the mango, pork belly and orange chicken. I absolutely love cheese bread so I have high hopes.

Total Spent: $46.89


Final Store: Target

What I bought:

Cashew Milk, Creamer, Garlic Drizzle Sauce, Date Syrup, Lemons, Limes, Strawberries, Strawberry Cream Cheese, three bags of shredded cheese, Macaron Tea, Heavy Whipping Cream, Fried Green Beans, Egg Nog, Bacon Bits, String Cheese


Cashew Milk is my favorite alternative milk. I have recently started treating myself to that. Date syrup is my new preferred “alternative” sweetener. It's made from fruit so I’m getting some nutrients. This was my first-time buying groceries that weren’t just milk so I'm eager to see how I feel. Target’s app has a lot of coupons which I really appreciate. My risky purchase here was the frozen green beans. I’m hoping they come out better than the frozen TGI Fridays ones.


Total Spent: $49.20


A few Planned Meals and Snacks

-cold brew

-salmon with vegetable side and pancetta

-bacon dip with crackers or chips

-salmon with a side

-pork belly with tahini sauce

-strawberries with fruit dip

-cheese and crackers

-cheese and coppa

-enchiladas and salad

-orange chicken and vegetables

-creamed spinach