Worst Holiday Desserts (to me)

 These desserts I am glad I don’t have to be polite and try to avoid discussion so I don’t have to eat them this year. We need new holiday dessert traditions.


Fruit Cake-

I know it’s a common joke and popular to make fun of this but it really is not good. I enjoy alcohol but it doesn’t help this cake become more edible. Everything about this treat is too strong. Too much liquor, too much seasoning, too many of those candy things. It’s an exhausting dessert. I’d rather eat store-bought pie. Or just more regular dinner food.


Anything with peppermint-

I am tired of peppermint being such a dominant holiday flavor. I don’t want anything that could be imagined into toothpaste. There are so many other flavors that deserve attention all year, but especially the holiday season. Gingerbread, cookie, salted caramel. These are so underrated. I don’t even like peppermint creamer it's just too much. It’s the pumpkin spice of December.


Pecan Pie-

I have no idea how this became a default pie to bring to events. The textures are awful. Too thick gel substance, way too sweet and pecans aren’t the best nuts in any capacity. It tastes like cheap brown sugar. The crust disappears with all that filling. A bowl of mixed nuts would be better. Or those nuts covered in sugar are a much better option.