Article Reaction- How CBD can raise their Food/Beverage sales



CBD is something I have tried here and there before, but I am now ready to investigate further. I have been reading and researching articles about what CBD could do and mixed with my own few experiences, I want to try it more consistently and pay more attention. I was very surprised to see that sales went down. During you-know-what, I would think that anything that could help keep some calm would be popular. Then as I thought about it, CBD is not the most affordable thing which has to be one of the reasons. I think CBD in the food world could have a very strong comeback. Here I pretend I’m in food marketing again with three ideas on how to get things moving.



CBD is not just something you jump into. It is cheaper to buy it in liquid form than to buy a 4 pack of CBD water that costs $30. Companies need to start selling smaller products, especially if you have to pay for shipping as well. I have tried a couple cans of some CBD water CBD Water Review and would consider buying them again, but it was a random splurge purchase. I could get a lower cost bottle of wine and have it longer than that one can.



Gas stations and some health stores are not enough places to be selling. Especially gas stations. There are potential customers who do not want to go into a crowded gas station and take time to look at CBD. It needs to be in places where people can be distant and take the time to look. Again, CBD can get pricey and customers may not want to spend that type of money at the gas station, especially if they had to spend a lot of money filling their vehicle. I have only seen ready to drink CBD products once at Wegmans. There need to be special sections in any wellness department at a grocery store.



I have never seen in-store marketing at places that are allowed to sell CBD. A small sign high up by the register at a gas station maybe. There need to be again, most sections, bigger displays. A table with some information sheets. Put the edible CBD items in the wellness section until the FDA allows more freedom. Most articles I've read online were from writers who had to try it for a post and their impressions. It usually takes a bit of time to really find more information that just isn’t a CBS vs Medical Marijuana post. I would also like to see more coupons or special deals, especially for customers who are new.