Grocery Haul December 19th, 2020- Beverages


I was planning on buying creamer and sugar and ended up adding a few extras.

Coconut Sugar- 

I have been looking for slightly better for you sugar options. I have date syrup but I want to have something else for an option. This will go in tea or hot chocolate. I also enjoy cane sugar, raw honey, and agave nectar.


I have had my eye on this brand for about a month or so. The artwork caught my attention and I love creamer so I’m always looking. I’ve been wanting to try the cookies and cream flavor. I saw great reviews for this creamer from the Kitchn so I decided to try this brand. Also, it was on sale which was a motivator as well. Cookies and cream weren’t available so I got sweet cream and caramel. I enjoy both flavors from other brands so these are a good safe choice to try.


Roobios is one of my favorite types of teas (pur-eh is also a favorite). I prefer this vanilla tea over the Bigelow French vanilla. Since that one is black tea based, even decaffeinated it’s a bit strong for my taste, not enough balance.

Starbucks Hot Cocoa in Salted Caramel-

I mainly bought this because it was on sale and the chocolate is of better quality. If I’m going to have it more than once a week, I’d like it to be of decent quality. However, I still buy land o lakes white chocolate and French vanilla hot cocoa on occasion because I can't find higher quality white chocolate powder.