Mostly Meatless Trader Joes Haul- January 2021


New to me:

Quinoa Tortillas- I am gluten sensitive so I keep an eye for stuff like this. I had no idea this product even existed. I am very intrigued. If these are decent I’ll probably eat more tacos and quesadillas.

Pita Bread- I don’t buy this a lot but I like flatbreads so we’ll see

Citrusy Garlic Seasoning- This sounds like a good seasoning to try with chicken. I usually like their seasoning blends so a low risk buy.

Peru Cajamarca Small Lot Coffee- I really enjoyed the last version of this so I decided to give this a try. Plus it’s organic so that’s always nice. I tend to buy a light to medium type of roast. I make my own cold brew

Barista Expresso Coffee Blend- mainly bought this because I trust the quality of Trader Joe's whole beans now. Plus the flavor notes sounded interesting.


Repeat Buys:

Deep-Fried Pizza- I love this pizza, it has replaced my previous favorite flatbread with the prosciutto. I don’t miss the meat at all. I do add extra cheese and pesto but this is a good single meal or have it with a side salad.

Broccoli Florettes- Easy to cook. Cut a slit in the bag, microwave for 5 mins, it will be tender. Quick vegetable option.

Whole Strawberries- I use these to flavor water and for smoothies

Green chilis- taste like all the other canned ones, just a little easier to find here

Pork Belly- Sometimes you get a slightly small piece or a bit larger but I like this. Doesn’t take forever to brown and get warm. If the piece seems super thick, just cut it in half or in smaller pieces so it will heat more evenly



Grainless Granola- Pretty much what you would expect, a touch more savory than sweet. Good crunch, would probably buy this again. It is hard to find this type of product without chia seeds (I’m allergic).

Pesto: not too strongly flavored, a good amount of cheese inside. Maybe could use a touch of salt.

Chile and Cheese Tamales- Too sweet for me. It has a strong sweet corn flavor which is overwhelming to my taste buds. It needs a sauce and more cheese.