Shein Kitchen Picks January 2021

Here are my picks for kitchen items from Shein this month! 


1pc Kitchen Multifunction Storage Rack


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A smaller more affordable version of the updated spoon rest. I like the idea of being able to put more than one thing on a spoon rest. It only comes in this dark teal color. There are other similar styles of this online if you would want something different. This would be great for those homes that are very tight in space.


1pc Unicorn Print Cake Packaging Box


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Since a lot of people are still in isolation, this would be a cute way to give someone a baked good for valentine’s day or really any occasion. I love the artwork on this box. You could just use this as a really nice gift box period. Why not save time trying to wrap a present. Shein has other really visually appealing gift boxes if this is too pink for your taste.


50pcs Oil-absorbing Paper


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If you don’t fry often and don’t use disposable paper towels, this could be a helpful addition to your kitchen. Or, you could get these so you don’t have to use your disposable paper towels as often. I haven’t seen this but I think it’s a good idea. You can use this for wrapping foods and in a pinch use for tissue paper for gift bags.