Target Kitchen Picks January 2021

Here are some affordable Target purchases I recommend this month!


54oz Glass Heart Storage Container - Spritz™

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Usually themed items tend to small so I like how large this bowl is. It’s a super cute and useful kitchen item. I particularly enjoy Valentine's Day themed houseware and kitchen stuff because I really enjoy shades of pastel pink. I also have liked heart print since I was younger and still do today. According to my local Target, they are already running low so I may need to pick this up soon. There are a few other prints in this collection as well that are also really cute to me.


15oz 2pk Stoneware Hearts Mugs Red/Pink - Opalhouse™


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Opalhouse is one of my favorite brands at Target so I’m regularly seeing what’s new. I love that this is a set. I am noticing as I am starting to build my own mug collection, I like something on the larger side. This is a nice gift idea as well. Two larger ones, the recipient is likely to enjoy at least one of them if not both. An affordable way to be a bit festive.


Silicone Utensil Rest with Drip Pad for Multiple Utensils, Heat-Resistant, BPA-Free Spoon Rest & Spoon Holder for Stove Top


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The most useful thing I will probably buy at some point and would make a great gift for most homes. A much-needed upgrade to the spoon rest. You have a choice of fourteen colors to choose from. Bright’s, pastels, few neutral colors. I personally want this in periwinkle (which is probably my number one favorite of blue) or mystic violet. The silicone will make this really easy to clean. Heat resistance makes this a great choice as well.