TFTT Reacts- American Groceries in Other Countries



#1- “American sized” is hilarious. That is a lot of mayo though.

#2- absolutely not. I have never seen this in America. Not everything needs to come in a jar? With extra liquid?? Nightmare fuel.

#3 Not as bad, but still something I wouldn’t buy. Spam would be a better option.

#4 I’m not sure what about the name “Trader Joes” makes things sound more American.

#5 Nothing to see here, next

#6 Something useful! I don’t buy cow milk very much but this size would be convenient.

#7- Yeah popcorn is good, next

#8 “Cool American”? close enough

#9 Why are the hot dogs cut like pepperoni? I hate this.

#10 Nothing unusual here

#11 I don’t think pop tarts are disgusting but I also would rather have so many other things. I do not like twinkies however

#12 Not that interesting

#13- lighter Oreos, not a big deal.

#14- this might be okay? I would try it I love bacon

#15- this would sell well in America. Pringles are great

#16- I would never. Easy mac in a microwave cup exists. I can only imagine how mushy those noodles are

#17- I would try the snack box. I do not want that pizza with hot dogs in the crust.